The Brain Hemorrhage

For Halloween it's obviously nice to have some horrible looking shots in store. One of the most popular ones is the brain hemorrhage.
This horrible looking shot is quite easy to make and you only need 3 ingredients, beeing:

- 1 Part Peach Schnapps
1 Part Bailey's Irish Cream
- Few drops Grenadine

Now what you do is, put the Peach Schnapps in first. After that, poor the bailey's in but don't try to layer it. Just poor it in so it creates the little brainstructures you're looking for.
When that's done add some grenadine to add the bloody effect. As usual with shots, down the glass in one go (so don't created volumes larger then 2 ounces, they are hard to drink in one go).

Video of the process: Right Here.

5 Response to "The Brain Hemorrhage"

  • EngeHenk Says:

    While the shot here looks like some brain..i found out when trying it for myself, the texture of the 2 drinks mixing like this also feels like you are drinking some brainlike structure. Maybe due using not the normal bailey's, but the mint/chocolate one that the effect was a bit different. But i highly doubt that. Really worth trying and freaking some frieds out.

  • Goran Says:

    Nice one mate! Must try and make that one =)

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